Our Themes

Drawing from the American Planning Association's report Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans, staff identified four overarching themes to guide this plan:

  • Livable Places

  • Inclusive Economy

  • Harmony with Nature

  • Healthy Communities

Priority Topics

Working with our Community Engagement Leadership team and residents through a series of Open House meetings, we identified priority topics under each theme. 

We are preparing background documents for each topic that can be found on this webpage.

During Fall 2022, we are inviting the public to collaboratively develop recommendations for each priority topic at a series of public "Shape Your City" Workshops. Please see our engagement webpage for more.

At public workshops throughout the City of Baltimore in Fall 2022, the public will contribute ideas towards a "menu of recommendations" to address each topic. 

In 2023, this menu of recommendations will feed directly into the plan draft document. Each recommendation will be analyzed and prioritized according to equity and impact.