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Our Baltimore, Your Baltimore:

A Comprehensive Plan for the City of Baltimore - DRAFT

Our Baltimore is the City’s first Comprehensive Plan since 2006. The focus of the plan is the spaces, places, and neighborhoods that make Baltimore home. The plan provides guidance to evaluate policies, programs, and land use changes. The plan answers the question: how can City policies related to urban planning make the experience of living in Baltimore better for residents?

The plan is intended to guide equitable neighborhood development over the next 10 years and beyond. The purpose of the plan is to advance policies that support current residents and make Baltimore an inviting place to live. The goal is to develop the city in a manner such that residents want to stay in Baltimore, benefit from staying in Baltimore, and invite people to move to Baltimore.

Comment Online on the Our Baltimore Comprehensive Plan DRAFT

During the 60-Day Comment Period (May 30 - July 30, 2024) you can comment on the plan draft online.


You can navigate to specific sections by clicking on a section's title on the Table of Contents (pages 2-4). Click on the      icon to make it full screen.

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