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Our Timeline

Currently, we are developing recommendations for the plan in collaboration with residents through a public process. 

Spring 2022 – Listening: 

Establishing Vision and Topics


The City and our engagement partners are collecting community input and ideas to develop the plan’s key topics, visions, and goals. 

Fall 2022 – Creating:  Developing Recommendations


We will engage stakeholders to develop and refine goals, strategies and recommendations to address the topics identified in the listening phase. 

2023 – Drafting and Reviewing:

Writing and Revising Plan 

We will engage stakeholders to provide feedback on a draft plan.

Phase 1: Listening

During the first phase, our goals included: 

  • Identifying priority topics for further study and exploration – the topics that matter most to residents today 

  • Defining equitable development – we heard that equitable development was of great importance to residents, and we wanted more input into what this term meant to Baltimore 

  • Developing vision statements – we wanted to work with residents to build vision statements for each of the themes in our plan 

Through 3 in-person open house events and engagement led by our Community Engagement Leadership team across Baltimore, we gathered public input and worked towards these goals.

For residents unable to attend in-person events, we also hosted an online Open House and offered a survey as a tool for submitting input. The survey also included questions about accountability - an important theme throughout public input that residents expressed concerns about.

Listening Phase materials and reports

During the second phase, our goals include: 

  • Generating recommendations for each priority topic identified during Phase 1

  • Recommendations will be added to "a menu of potential recommendations" that will be released to the public for further refinement

  • We will develop a tool for analyzing and prioritizing recommendations received, with equity at the forefront

  • Recommendations will feed into the plan draft document, to be written in 2023

During this phase of engagement, the Department of Planning is hosting geographic workshops around Baltimore between October - December 2022. At these workshops, the goal will be to generated recommendations for each priority topic. The workshops will be co-hosted collaboratively by Community Planners for each Planning District and members of the Community Engagement Leadership team.


Additional focus groups will be organized as a means to reach residents less likely to attend our geographic events. These will be led by members of our Community Engagement Leadership team and other partner organizations.


The public will also be able to participate virtually and add their ideas via our Konveio platform. 

Creating phase materials and reports

Please see the chart below for each priority topic organized by theme:

Phase 2: Creating

Livable Places: 

Affordable Housing, Community Development, Vacant Housing, Public Spaces, Transit Oriented Development, Equitable Development, Historic Resources, Public Transit, Freight Movement

Harmony with Nature:

Tree Canopy, Environmental Justice, Sanitation

Inclusive Economy:  

Workforce Development, Baltimore’s Competitive Industry Growth sectors, Small business ecosystem & entrepreneurship, Neighborhood retail, Broadband and Digital Equity

Healthy Communities:

Public Health Disparities, Food Access and Security, Public Safety (Urban Design), Access to Green Spaces/Parks

Other Plans

Contact Our Team

Stephanie Smith, Assistant Director:

Sara Paranilam: Chief, Policy & Data Analysis:

Comp. Plan Email:

The Advisory Council for Our Baltimore, consisting of a cross section of Baltimore residents, will help shape the Comprehensive Plan process. Please follow this link to learn more about the Advisory Council members.

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