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Organisez une conversation communautaire :

Si votre groupe souhaite animer une conversation communautaire sur le plan global, nous avons préparé un  réunion dans une boîte . Celui-ci contient tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour héberger une conversation. Veuillez remplir ce formulaire pour demander de l'aide et des ressources. 

Get Involved!

Brainstormed recommendations for the Priority Topics

Add your ideas on the Priority Topics recommendations brainstormed during the Fall 2022 engagement.

Existing and Future Land Use Map

In addition to looking at priority topics, the comprehensive plan will provide a vision for future land uses.  Unlike newly developing areas, most of Baltimore City will have the same land use ten years from now as it has today:  most residential areas will remain residential and most industrial areas will remain industrial.  But some areas you may want to see change, and some areas you may not want to see change. 

     ***  What are the existing land uses in your neighborhood?

     ***  What is your vision for the next ten years?

Share your ideas in this interactive land use map.

Come back soon to learn about engagement opportunities for the Fall of 2023.

Fall 2022 Engagement

We held a dozen-plus public workshops across the City in October and November and brainstormed recommendations for the Priority Topics. Workshops were led by members of our Community Engagement Leadership team and Community Planners, collaboratively.

Additionally, we held two large community conferences, one in person and one virtual, in December 2022 and January 2023, respectively.

Detailed notes from these brainstorming sessions are available here to view and comment on.

Spring 2022 Engagement

Our Spring engagement combined a series of Planning-hosted Open House events and outreach led by partner community based organizations (see more information about our CELT team here). 

If you missed the Open House series, please check out the video below from our virtual open house intro, or via this link.


What We heard:

We have documented what we heard during the conversations at each Open House event:


Map Gallery:

We had requests to share the maps from the map gallery at the Open House events. Please review them here and leave additional comments/observations:

How Input Was Used:

Input from the Spring engagement shaped our priority topics list. The initial list of topics was generated based on feedback from our Open House series. We also worked with our CELT team to gather input and ideas - this allowed us to refine and expand our priority topics.

Pre-Planning (2021)


In 2021, the Department of Planning held conversations about public engagement with Baltimore City residents who had interacted with our agency via the Planning Academy, Food Equity Policy Advisors, and Sustainability Plan Ambassadors. Through these early conversations, we developed strategies for public engagement. 


Thank you to all who participated in these early conversations and helped shape our approach!

See links below for documentation of our engagement strategy and goals.

  • Engagement goals 

  • Appendix: 

    • Proposed metrics​

    • Process - how we developed our engagement approach

    • Case studies - engagement models that we drew from


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